10 Things you need to know before buying a Sport trouser

10 Things you need to know before buying a Sport trouser

Sports trousers are becoming a staple in many people's wardrobes. Whether you're looking for a good pair of work pants, the perfect weekend napper, or an outfit to wear when you go out on the town with your friends, there are plenty of options available today. However, before you make your final decision on which one is right for you, be sure to read this blog post first!

1. The stretch of the trouser

Do not be misled by how much it stretches. A good fabric should "breathe" and allow air to pass thru it, so you don't get sweaty and uncomfortable during exercise. If a fabric is too thick or poorly designed, you might feel like your legs are balloons inflated with hot air. Nothing, other than a tight bodysuit is as uncomfortable as that!

2. The length of the trouser legs

Do you want the leg to reach all the way over your ankle or should it be slightly above? Do you want it slouching on your ankles or do you prefer something more fitted? The right length will depend on your personal preference and how high you wear your shoes. Make sure the material covers at least before halfway up your shin if not more for a decent pair of pants. Also, remember that these trousers are worn outside of your regular trouser legs, so make sure they end after them by a few centimetres at least. If they cover half your shoes too, then the is going to be strange and uncomfortable.

3. Do you want to show off or hide?

You need to be aware of the task at hand for your sport bottom - Would you prefer a slimmer fit so it can stay put during activity? Or do you want a looser fit so it falls naturally over your body and hides bulges? The fitting should depend on what's more important to you. If you're focusing more on comfort then buy something that makes sense only for that purpose if not, then use discretion as well as common sense from where and from whom you are buying said bottoms. Sports trousers should look nice as well as feel-good whilst exercising, so don't just focus on one aspect alone!

4. How much money do I have budgeted for this?

Are you on a budget? Are expensive trousers your thing? Do you want to spend more on the "quality" of the fabric or do you care more about how it looks and less about if it can last an hour run or not? A lot of people might prefer spending money on quality, but there's no point in buying something that will fall apart right after use unless it's for some sort of one-off occasion that won't require regular usage. This is all up to personal preference and needs, so only buy what makes sense for yourself and never overspend just because you might feel pressured by someone else's advice!

5. Are they breathable?

The benefit of wearing designed sports bottoms is that they are made out of smart fabric that can breathe. This prevents you from getting sweaty and uncomfortable throughout the day. If the fabric doesn't breath well, make sure it's not too thick or too close to your skin - both of which will lead to discomfort if they get moist by sweat. Opt for light colours like grey, blue or white if you want something to look good when sweating profusely during an ultra marathon!

6. The design & colour

What kind of design do you actually want? Do you just want plain black bottoms with no additional belts or pockets? Or do you want something more modern with different styling details that play into your personality? Also, think about how "dressy" or nice looking do these have to be? Are you just using them for sports or do you want to wear them as part of your daily outfit too? If the latter, then choose a design and colour accordingly.

7. How much do I sweat?

Some people sweat profusely than others and might need something more comfortable and protective against moisture. We all know that wet fabric chafes and can be irritating against the skin so if you want pants that won't irritate your skin even when they're moist, make sure to buy something made out of at least high-grade natural materials like cotton (with some spandex thrown in there) - never synthetic fabrics! You don't have to spend a fortune on these either; cotton is very affordable compared to most fabrics out there.

8. Do you want to be seen?

Running in the dark requires good visibility for yourself, as well as other people who are sharing the roads with you too! Bright colours like yellow and orange reflect light better than dark ones so those are preferable when running under street lamps or some sort of artificial lighting. If it's very bright outside, however, any colour will do for safety purposes because they all appear as white on a sunny day (yes even black!) so don't stress too much about this more than what you need to be safe and comfortable.

9. Will you wear them for sports AND everyday life?

Some sports trousers can double up as your casual wear pants - they just have more detailing that makes them suitable for your active lifestyle more than anything else! In this case, you'd want to look out for more stylish features like belt loops and pockets so that they function well for everyday use too.

10. Will you need a lot of ventilation?

If you plan on going on a long run or hike in the hot sun, you might want to buy sports bottoms with lots of vents along the thighs and calves. This way, air can pass through easily from the bottom upwards which prevents any build-up of heat whilst running even when it's really sunny outside. If these are just used casually then it doesn't matter as much but otherwise get something that has good airflow - this is especially important if you're planning on buying track pants which are usually more form-fitting, so lots of areas for air to pass through are needed.

So there you have it! These are just some tips that I hope can help you when shopping around for the perfect sports pants - remember they are something you'll be wearing almost all day so make sure to get what suits your lifestyle and needs best! Always try them on before buying to ensure a good fit, especially considering how today's fabrics stretch well without losing structure or shape even if they're worn out.


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