How to Buy Woven Shirts for Men - A Beginners Guide

How to Buy Woven Shirts for Men - A Beginners Guide

When you think of shirt, the first option that comes to mind is probably a button up shirt. However, there’s so much more variety than just that. There are different styles, cuts and fabrics to choose from when picking out a shirt.

Not only is woven fabric used for button up shirts but it’s also perfect for new and unique designs like the henley shirt or the workshirt. They might look similar but they’re actually very different. In this article we will answer some common questions about woven shirts and explain why they can be such a great addition to your wardrobe.

What is a Woven Shirt?

Woven fabrics are created by interlacing warp and weft threads at 90 degrees to each other to create a criss-cross pattern. This process can be done by hand or on a loom. The loom method is used in the production of woven shirts. You’ll often hear the term “oxford shirt” when people are talking about woven shirts but there are some distinct differences between them.

Oxford shirts are woven with a very rough, thick fabric and are often used in suits. Woven shirts, on the other hand, are a much lighter and softer material. You can even find woven fabrics that are sheer and breathable. Woven shirts come in a variety of fabrics, like cotton, linen, chambray, and silk. Because woven shirts are made of a looser weave, they are more breathable than more fitted Oxford shirts and can be worn in many different ways.

How is a Woven Shirt Different From an Oxford Shirt?

As we mentioned above, woven shirts and oxford shirts are both woven garments but they’re made from very different fabrics and styles. Oxford fabrics are often thicker, rougher and heavier than woven fabrics. Woven fabrics are softer, thinner, and lighter than oxford fabrics. Oxford shirts are a more formal style of shirt and are often worn tucked into pants.

Woven shirts can be worn either tucked or untucked depending on the cut of the shirt. Oxford shirts are often fused together to keep the front smooth and neat. Woven shirts are often not fused and have a criss-cross pattern on the top. Oxford shirts are often only available in white and blue colours. Woven shirts come in a wide variety of colours and prints.

Benefits of Wearing Woven Shirts

More breathable than oxfords - Woven shirts are made from a looser weave fabric, making them much more breathable than oxford shirts. You can wear them on warmer days or in warmer environments without feeling too stifled. - Versatility - Woven shirts have a very classic look and can be worn in many different ways. You can tuck it in, wear it untucked, use it as a layering piece, or even roll the sleeves up.

The number of ways you can wear woven shirts is a huge part of their appeal. - Great for layering - Woven fabrics are thinner than oxford shirts and are often lighter. This makes them great for layering as an extra layer on colder days. You can pair woven shirts with a sweatshirt or cardigan for a casual, everyday look.

Types of Woven Shirts

  • Squareshaped - These are the most common woven shirts and are shaped close to the body. They usually have a shorter body and longer sleeves.
  • Squarish - This style has a looser fit with a boxy shape. It has a shorter length and is more relaxed than the squarish shirt.
  • Squarish Long Sleeve - This has a similar fit to the squarish shirt but has long sleeves instead of short ones.
  • Long Sleeve Button up - This is a shirt with long sleeves and buttons up at the front. It can be worn casually or more formally with a tie.
  • Button up Chambray - This is a button up shirt with a loose fit and made from a light-blue coloured denim-like fabric.
  • Hooded Sweater - This is a long sleeve sweater with a hood on the top. It can be worn as a shirt or an outer piece depending on the weather.

How to Find the Right Fit for You

When buying woven shirts, it’s important to think about how you want to wear them. Different cuts and fabrics are designed to be worn in different ways. Squarish shirts are more formal and great for tucking in. Square shaped shirts are also quite formal but not quite as much as the squarish ones.

The long sleeve button up shirts are more casual and can be worn untucked. If you’re not sure which woven shirt you want or which cut is best for you, try to imagine how you’d wear them. If you want to wear a shirt tucked in, you need to make sure it has the right length. If you like wearing a shirt un-tucked but want it to look neat, you need to make sure it has the right fit. These are just some basic guidelines to help you get a better idea of what to look for when buying woven shirts.

How to Care for Woven Shirts

- Wash Gentle - Always follow the care instructions on the label. Woven shirts are softer fabrics so they should be washed very gently. Avoid using too much soap and always wash them on a low/gentle setting. - Iron on Low - To maintain a shiny and wrinkle-free look, you should iron the shirt on a low setting. This will also help to preserve the life of the shirt. - Avoid Wringing - Never wring out the shirt when you’re washing it or wringing out the water. Simply use your hands and the water should fall out easily. - Avoid Bleach - Bleach can damage and weaken the fabric of the shirt. It can also cause fading so it’s better to avoid it altogether.

Why Buy Woven Shirts?

Woven shirts are a great addition to any man’s wardrobe and they come in such a wide variety of fabrics and designs. They’re great for casual wear or for more formal occasions, making them the perfect versatile shirt. They’re an easy piece to throw on with jeans or a pair of chinos. You can also use them as a layering piece in cooler weather. With all their uses and benefits, woven shirts are a great option for any man looking for a new shirt to add to their wardrobe.

If you’re still not sure whether woven shirts are for you, think about the occasions you usually find yourself wearing a button up shirt. Do you like wearing oxfords or would you prefer to wear a woven shirt instead? What do you like about the other styles and fabrics? These are all valid questions to ask yourself when wondering if woven shirts are the right choice for you.

Things to look for when buying woven shirts

- Fabric - The fabric of the shirt is one of the most important things to look for. It should be comfortable and breathable and not too thick or thin. You also want it to be easy to care for. - Fit - The fit and cut of the shirt is very important. It should be neither too loose nor too tight.

You also want the shirt to be long enough to tuck in although some woven shirts are designed to be worn untucked.

Colour and pattern - The colour and pattern of the shirt is also very important. Make sure the colour is something you like and the pattern is something you can incorporate into your daily outfits.

Final Words

Shirts are such a basic item but there are so many different types to choose from. It can be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which one is right for you. This guide should give you a better idea of what to look for when buying woven shirts and why they’re such a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

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