How to style a black shirt and blue denim jeans?

How to style a black shirt and blue denim jeans?

So you want to hang out with your buddies on a weekend or have a simple family time or such plan and need to stay casual as well as classy? Here’s how you can rock your look while staying comfortable and stylish. 

We all know that the world is dominated by blue denim jeans, which never go out of style and always make you look classy, stylish, and comfortable in your skin. Wearing a black shirt with jeans makes the overall dressing very catchy and it can never go out of style because of its easygoing touch, versatility, and attractive appearance. 


Black colour draws effortless attention and makes you look in shape, even if it is a plain black shirt that you are wearing with your denim jeans. It projects your independence, power, cool attitude and associates mystery with your personality. You can either wear deep dark black or choose various shades of black to greyish black or switch to tones of some browns that look like black. Blackshirt can look good with any kind of denim jeans you have in your wardrobe. You can check out the brand Hawk wear's slim-fit jeans in the men’s section or skinny jeans they offer for women. So, check out all this awesome variety of jeans for determining which one fits your style.


It’s interesting to note that this casual style can easily be made into a bold and edgy style if you add changes to it according to your taste and preference. For example, this black shirt that you are going to wear can be having a printed fabric or a design on it. You can wear a fancy upper/shrug or a jacket if it is cold outside. Colourful accessories can be added, like subtle jewellery or a watch. Rips or prints on the jeans can also create a bold and dramatic impact. The collared black shirt can make you look formal while a simple T-shirt can make the look easy and casual. If you are planning on a formal look, pick a full-sleeved shirt. A casual look can go with half sleeves. So, you see? Wearing a black shirt with jeans is something you can experiment with and continue to explore what variations you like with it so you can rock the look. 


Well, somewhat yes. Be careful if you wear black denim on blue denim jeans. To make double denim work is to contrast it with the correct shades of denim. You want your denim-on-denim pairing look to be on-trend, not a disaster. 


It is important to know when you should tuck your shirt and when you shouldn’t. The basic idea is to do it right (whether you tuck or leave your shirt untucked). The hem of the shirt will tell you what to do. If a shirt has an even hem and it is short too, then leave it out. An uneven hem with tails should better be tucked. Mostly, vacation shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, rugby shirts, and short-sleeved shirts are untucked. While this is the case, you should keep your long-sleeved shirts, formal dress shirts and flannel work shirts tucked.


All of you must be having a pair of blue denim jeans, no matter the shade, and a black shirt because these are simply the basics. You can also form semi-formal styles by trying different things to go along this style. They give you a clean and casual look, much like a model. A black shirt with jeans can really stand out if the shirt is formal and you go for a polished-looking formal white coat on top. If it’s summer, you can skip on the coat and still rock the look. Add a black leather belt if you like. This can get you great, stylish results. 

If you are a woman, you can carry a fashionable, contrasting bag along. Different shades of blue can totally make you look different with a black shirt. Try out playing with color contrasts too. If your shirt is long-sleeved, you can try rolling up the sleeves a bit and leaving a button or two open. If your jeans are a bit long, you can roll your jeans to uncover your ankles too. Believe me; it looks very, very stylish. T-shirts can have different neck shapes, i.e. round or V-neck, etc. Then, you can try on Chelsea boots, sneakers or loafers to complete the look. It’s smart as well as casual.


Go for more contrasting than matching when you pick up your purse, wallet, cap, bandanna or shoes and such basic accessories. It makes the overall look stand out. Women can choose and select pointed sandals or sneakers with this look. Over-the-knee boots can also enhance the model look of this fantastic outfit in winter. And in summers, women can wear comfortable chic-style closed-toe flats. 

You see, this style is not reserved for anyone in particular. It suits everyone out there and is appropriate for almost every occasion. Sometimes, it sure does get tricky to style it when you have more options available, but now that you know different ways to add a fashionable touch to this black-shirt-blue-denim style, I am sure you can pull off the look far better than before. 

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