The 10 Best Short-Sleeve Summer T-Shirts for Men

The 10 Best Short-Sleeve Summer T-Shirts for Men

T-shirts are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Whether you have a ton of them or just a few basic ones the love for tees is beyond words. They offer comfort, ease, style, and the variety is just endless! Whether you live in a developing country or a developed one this piece of clothing can be found at every corner of any market.

Want to buy some summer shirts? If so, we bring you the 10 best men’s summer t-shirts featuring short sleeves to make the process even easier for you.



Blue is mostly considered a color for guys and a lot of men do love the color. It’s cool, it seems close to nature as the sky is also blue and it feels kind of relaxing doesn’t it? If you are a fan of the blue color range then the blue t-shirt can be a great buy.

The "Royal" color is a gorgeous blue that is worth PKR 714 after discount, which isn't a lot and the color is so basic that it will last you a lifetime. The cotton t-shirt with short sleeves is soft and the blue color is ideal for summer. It comes in 3 sizes so fit shouldn't be a worry.



What is summer without a yellow tee right? If you love yellow color and stripes then this one is the best option for you. It’s worth PKR 894 and is available in 4 sizes. It’s made of cotton and has horizontal blue stripes. It has a Henley's neck and the best part is that the materials used are all 100% cotton.

It has a yarn-dyed fabric and slim-fitting for a more put-together look.



Black is no doubt one of the most loved colors and is found in every man's closet. Black is simple, elegant, and suits all alike. Our pick of a black t-shirt brings us to a tee in a blackish maroon color. The color is not a traditional black and thus will stand out.

It’s available in 2 size options and has a crew neck with slim fitting. It’s made of 100% cotton and will cost you PKR 834.



A green t-shirt in the summer weather will make you feel close to nature. Especially if you love going outdoors. If you plan for a hike or a chill beach party to beat the heat this shirt will make you look cool anytime.

It has a crew neck, is made of 100% cotton, and is a slim fit if that is what you are looking for. It’s worth PKR 714 and the color is so beautiful that you should check it out!



You must be wondering that we didn't mention a white tee yet! Well, here it is. Available in 4 sizes it's made of 100% cotton and has a V-neck. It’s worth PKR 952. This one is super comfy and a very versatile pick so if that's what you are looking for then do try this one out.



If you want another white tee option then here is another one with a crew neck. A white tee is definitely something we all need so keeping a few pairs is important. It’s 100% cotton, it’s slim fit and comes in 2 sizes. 

It will costs you around PKR 714 which makes it a deal not to be missed.



Now let’s move on to something graphic! What about a shirt with some personality? This one is worth PKR 834 but is a statement piece. It’s blue and has golden graphic designs on it.  It has a crewneck with short sleeves. It’s 100% cotton and a slim fit.

The logo on the shirt says “Mountains Happy Palace” which is ideal for people who visit mountainous regions frequently.



This one is a pretty combination of pink and grey. Ideal for those who want a soothing touch to their outfit.  It has a Henley neckline, short sleeves, slim fit, and the yarn-dyed fabric will make you feel like the coolest guy in the block.

It’s made with 100% cotton keeping it light, soft, and durable. It's worth PKR 894 and is available in 4 sizes currently.




Are you someone who loves graphic tees? If so, then this one is for you! With "CALIFORNIA" written on it and a leaf design on the edges, this tee is soft yet stylish.

The “rinse blue” color is calming and the crew neck, short sleeves, and slim fit make it look perfect. It’s 100% cotton and will cost you PKR 834.


Rust color is another great option for summer. This specific pick is simple but the color and the hawk wear logo make it special. It's 100% cotton, has a crew neck, and a slim-fit design. It's available in 4 sizes so you get the best fit. Get it today for PKR 1032.



In this article, we went through 10 t-shirts in different colors each having a personality of its own. From logos and prints to plain and soothing basics there is always one special tee for everyone. When it comes to t-shirts the choices are endless so researching too deep is not needed.

The above picks are both reasonable and trendy but all of them are very comfortable. We recommend you check the above list and surely you will find that perfect one!

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